We feel your PAIN, and we offer the perfect SOLUTION!


Does your work take you away from home and your furbaby for long hours,  and you feel guilty, stressed and worried about him all day long?


Are you hesitant to let your teeny baby socialize with other dogs because you are not sure if they are going to be respectful of her size and fragility?


Do you have a sick, senior,  or simply bored little one at home who needs midday medication, extra feeding or a quick visit while you're at work during the day?


BUTTONNOSES TM is the answer to your prayers

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In order to ensure all our furry clients seamlessly and happily integrate into the BUTTONNOSES TM family, we employ a thorough and rigorous screening and integration process to effectively understand and meet the needs and affinities of our guests.

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Cuddle Care TM

For those tiny pooches that need a little extra attention or social time during the day, BUTTONNOSES TM is thrilled to offer fun and loving Cuddle Care TM (daycare) services in a small pack of a limited number of tiny furries, in an in-home non-smoking and child-free space with no large dogs around. Only natural and toxin-free cleaning products are used to ensure a safe and pet-friendly environment.

Each Cuddle Care TM includes a one hour walk to a beautiful neighborhood park (weather permitting). Your pint-sized pup will also love spending time on our amazing, fully enclosed terrace that has been perfectly positioned for some fresh air and sun bathing, or even a little splash in the doggy pool on hot summer days.

We love all of our fur-clients and will happily care for your sick (non-contagious), elderly or disabled furbaby. We offer baths and oral / injectable medication administration while your dog is in our care. Rest assured your fur-baby is fully supervised for their entire stay with us, and we will provide transportation to a vet in an emergency.

We are pet first aid certified, fully insured and bonded, and a proud member of Pet Sitters International (PSI).


Hugs Hotel TM

Going out of town and can't take your precious bundle of joy with you? Your pup will love checking into our Hugs Hotel TM while you check into yours. You will have the option of overnight only (Bronze Package) or the "full experience" of 24 hours of pure fun, love and cuddles (Silver / Gold / Diamond Packages), which includes Cuddle Care TM during the day.

Your furbaby will bring her own bed? Sure, why not. She would prefer to hop in bed with us like she is used to at home? No problem at all. At BUTTONNOSES TM , what fido wants, fido gets. We call it "The Ultimate Spoiling Experience" for a reason!

*Please Note - We offer Hugs Hotel TM to one or two doggy families at a time to ensure undivided care and attention, so please book well in advance to avoid disappointment.


Potty Pause TM

Even furry friends needs a bit of a break during their day while you are away at work or otherwise indisposed. If you live in our Pop-In Area ask for our Potty Pause TM, a mid-day half hour visit to take your tiny furry out for a small walk and bathroom break.

If needed, we can administer any medication and replenish food/water as well. If your pup is recovering from an injury or illness, or has difficulty with walking due to age or other medical issues, we will safely secure them in a doggy-stroller so they can enjoy some fresh air and a change of scenery!

There may be another pint-sized friend or two joining the walk, but we keep our pack very small to ensure undivided attention and safety.

Young puppies who have not completed their vaccinations will receive an individual visit and walk.

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Button Buggy TM

Let us do the driving! If you are located within our Joyride Area, our Button Buggy TM (pet taxi) service can help with chauffeuring your furry angel in safety and comfort.

We can pick up your pooch for Cuddle Care TM or Hugs Hotel TM adventure, drive them to their grooming or vet appointment (any location) during their stay, and drop them off at home at the end of their BUTTONNOSES TM adventure.

Our vehicle is equipped with crates, doggy booster seats and comfy blankets to ensure safety and comfort.

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Kitty Kompanion TM

Let us spoil and cuddle with your kitty when you're not there. We feed your kitty, play with your kitty, snuggle with your kitty, and even brush your kitty if requested.

Our cat visits are 30 minutes, during which we not only look after your kitty cat(s), but we also take care of your home.

Want the plants watered? sure. Need the lights rotated, mail picked up, and garbage taken out? No problem. Just say the words.

We will hold down the kitty fort while you are away.

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