A unique community of

TINY dogs with a BIG purpose!

We truly are unique and amazing, because we always abide by the " 7-P "rule:


BUTTONNOSESTM is a professional pet care company. Meaning we are experienced, qualified, pet-first-aid certified, insured and bonded, and a member of Pet Sitters International(PSI). We are always undating our expertise and skills in animal behaviour and animal care.

Peace of Mind

For the safety of the tiny doggies in our community, we offer our services in very small packs of same-size furries, in a clean and holistic home environment. No huge pack walks. No harsh cleaning chemicals, children, or larger dogs to compromise the safety of your precious pooch.

Personalized Services

We understand that no two dogs are exactly alike, so we work with you to design services that perfectly fit your needs. We are particularly skilled in caring for super tiny and fragile furries, which allows us to better understand your dog's needs and how to best interact with them.


To help our business run as smoothly as possible, and to ensure that we maintain seamless communication with our community members, we take advantage of all that technology has to offer. We use all the popular messaging platforms (txt, FaceTime, facebook, whatsapp, viber, skype, etc) to keep in touch with you while your pooch is in our care. Just let us know how you would like to be reached and receive updates. Did we mention, we are completely paperless?

Post-Fun Feedback

To continue to deliver exceptional pet care services, we always follow-up with you for an assessment of your BUTTONNOSESTM experience, and give you a chance to let us know what you loved about the process and what suggestions you may have.


We understand that owning and taking good care of a fragile little furry like yours is a large investment. We make sure our fees are reasonable and competitive, so that every little doggy in town can afford to join the fun.

Pure Love & Compassion

BUTTONNOSESTM is a business founded on love and compassion for animals, and a strong sense of social responsibility. Your little doggy will receive unparallelled love and care while with us, and will be treated like one of our own. You will also feel amazing about helping us save the lives of abused and neglected senior and special-needs little dogs simply by using our services.

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