BUTTONNOSES TM Save a Life Program is run completely by passionate and devoted volunteers who are looking to better the lives of our four legged furry friends.
We are always looking for volunteers in various capacities to help us save as many lives as possible.


Foster Homes

Foster Homes are the heartbeat of BUTTONNOSES TM. Without these caring homes, lives would be lost. Your role as a foster parent is to provide temporary care until a ‘furever’ home is found for your foster dog. Don’t be surprised if you become a ‘foster fail’ and choose to adopt your foster, which we like to call "Failing Fostering 101"

Your responsibility will be to provide a loving, caring home to the furry while in your care; this means food, exercise, veterinary care, grooming, possible training and anything else your guest may need in order to prepare them for their new life. Any pre-approved cost will be re-compensated by BUTTONNOSES TM. Fostering is a commitment for very special people with wide-open hearts. Releasing your foster pup to their new home for their new family to love and preparing your home for your next fur baby is one of the most rewarding parts of fostering.

Some rescues that come into our care may stay just a few short days before going off to start their new lives, whereas others may require more time or may need more time to heal, and some may require palliative care.

BUTTONNOSES TM sometimes receives generous donations of food, collars, leashes, beds, harnesses, dog clothes etc. When received, these will be distributed between our foster.

Home Visit Reviewers

As part of our adoption and fostering process, a home visit inspection must be done. This visit takes place after applicants have submitted a completed application and a verbal reference check has been done by a volunteer administrator. The home visit reviewer would contact the potential adopter/ foster home and schedule a meeting in the home, ensuring all residents are present during the visit. Reviewers are looking for a healthy, safe and loving environment and confirming that the applicants understand the needs and realities of homing a newly rescued dog. Because we are fortunate to have applicants from all over southwestern Ontario, we are looking for people who are willing to travel (at their own expense) in order to make sure these itty-bitties are heading to a wonderful home.


Pick-ups, drop-offs, appointments and door-to-door shuttle service! This position requires someone with a valid driver's license, a travel crate and / or doggy car seat to safely carry our precious cargo, and a vehicle (a GPS wouldn’t hurt)!

Event Planners

BUTTONNOSES TM Save a Life Program is a rescue relying completely on the generosity of donors and fundraisers to generate funds for expenses such as veterinary care, and other necessities for the fur babies. We are looking for individuals who are go-getters in this field and anyone who just wants to lend a helping hand at volunteer events. We need your help brain-storming and organizing events such as garage sales, adopt-a-thons, silent auctions, meet-and-greet events where our fosters can be seen, empty-bottle drives... anything creative you can think of. The sky is the limit!


This special volunteer can make the world of difference in how our pups strut their stuff! Some of our rescues need help looking and feeling their best, and anything from a nail-trim to a full makeover may be needed to help these little furries with a fresh start. This volunteer must have experience with rescue dogs and be familiar with how to gain trust and exude patience. Many dogs find grooming a traumatic experience, so a calming mannerism is essential. Please complete an application if you can help with this special position!


A picture is worth a thousand words. We are looking for photographers who know how to capture character and personality through a simple photo. Your pictures will be instrumental in helping to get our furry friends noticed by their new family.


Most often, these itty-bitties just need a little attention, love and some confidence-boosting. Every now and then one of our rescues hasn’t ever received basic training or had difficult behaviour corrected properly. Through no-fault of their own, this sadly affects their ability to be adopted. With time and patience, this ‘ruff’ persona can be won over with some positive training. Your purpose will be to assist foster homes and volunteers with how to re-train and rehabilitate these dogs.


All of our dogs are required to be vaccinated, spayed / neutered, and microchipped prior to adoption. Many of our dogs come into rescue requiring further medical treatments, the majority of which are costly to treat and correct. Our goal is to send our dogs to their new homes healthy and happy. We cannot accomplish this without the help of these heroic doctors that graciously donate or reduce their fees for our BUTTONNOSES TM furries.

Marketers / Graphic Designers

Let’s get noticed! Creating unique and eye-catching flyers, displays, etc. Get the word out about our rescue and how incredibly adorable our foster dogs are. Tell the whole world about BUTTONNOSES TM Save a Life Program and the wonderful work of our tireless volunteers.


Sometimes nothing is better than a soft, snuggly sweater or blanket to make these little munchkins feel warm and secure. If you have a knack for knitting or sewing (or anything crafty) please share your talents and contact us for more information on what our current dogs and our rescue are in need of.

Are you able to help us in other ways? Contact us and tell us how.