Our pack members love and trust us!

There is no one more we trust with our dog Freddy. Nasim cares for Freddy as if he was her own. A very trustworthy friend who works in the dog community highly recommended Nasim, and she’s gone above and beyond my expectations, she even surprises us with generous treats for Freddy. Even when we had a last minute emergency, and needed someone to look after Freddy overnight, Nasim didn’t hesitate to go and pick up Freddy to take care of him. I look forward to the detailed account of Freddy’s walks (with pictures!) every day. Not only do we trust Nasim, Freddy loves to see her and his puppy friends each day. It makes us so happy to see how happy Freddy is to get such special treatment from BUTTONNOSES.
— Kristine & Bradley, Freddy's parents
BUTTONNOSES is amazing! Our 3 year old Morkie “Mac” stayed for over a week in the overnight boarding program and absolutely loved it! BUTTONNOSES is very professional and the love that they have for the animals is evident from every tiny element of their care and interactions with both us and Mac. The daily emails and walk updates assured us while we were away that our dog was happy and well taken care of. Our biggest fear by the end of our trip was that Mac might not want to return home to us!! He loved his stay and can’t wait to go back!!
— Joanna & Shawn, Mac's Parents
Our two cats are honestly our babies, and we would trust BUTTONNOSES with them again and again! They’re not the easiest to take care of, as they get into things and need lots of attention, but Nasim was more than up for the challenge and took such amazing care of them. I have never left them for more than a week so I was particularly nervous for my last trip, but after meeting Nasim and receiving daily updates, I was totally at ease. She is a consummate professional and I really felt comfortable that my kitties were in her capable hands.

The online portal, daily pictures, and special touches from BUTTONNOSES were all icing on the cake :)
— Emily & Tony, Cat Stevens & Peanut Louise's parents
My dog, Lilly, has been part of the BUTTONNOSES family for about six months now. I can’t say enough good things about them! Lilly is so excited to see her pack every time she visits them and as a fur parent I love receiving all the updates while she is in their care. They are such kind, loving, nurturing people who really love pets and that truly shows when your pet is equally happy to see them every time they see them. As a person with a demanding work schedule, the flexibility of booking Lilly in regularly in addition to using the BUTTONNOSES web portal makes everything so easy for the busiest of people. BUTTONNOSES has been a welcome addition to our lives and they will be for you too!
— Rachna, Lilly's mom
While my wife may say otherwise, we didn’t know what we were getting ourselves into by adding to our family the wonderful sausage of joy in our new long-haired, mini daschund Barkus Stroman. We did do our research, though, and thanks to my wife, we had sourced a dog walker weeks in advance of his arrival.

Unfortunately, as fate would have it, things didn’t work out, and in a scramble, we stumbled upon BUTTONNOSES — and I’m so happy we did, as the service has been nothing short of remarkable.

We could spend thousands of words lauding the excellent service, the attention to detail and care put into each moment with our dog, the great and informative app updates with complete details of the walks (and the poops), the option for group walks and daycare, and the flexibility of BUTTONNOSES to be available when we need it.

Suffice to say, you will do no better than BUTTONNOSES for dog walking in Toronto as there is no rival. Believe us. Your dog will thank you.
— Frank, Barkus Stroman's dad
When I go away I like to leave my cats at home so they’re comfortable, and I’m so glad I chose BUTTONNOSES’ services for my recent trip. Nasim took really good care of my guys, and arranging the visits was a breeze. I really appreciated the daily photos! I’d recommend BUTTONNOSES to anyone who needs pet-sitting and wants a worry-free experience.
— Meagan, Remington and Gustav's mom
My yorkie Baxter has been a proud member of the BUTTONNOSES pack since June 2016 and he, along with his parents, love it! My husband and I are beyond impressed with the amazing care he has received there during the play dates and at the hotel.

To begin, it took us a long while before we could find a suitable doggy day care due to our yorkie being so small but with such a big personality-we actually didn’t travel without him for the first year that we had him. Then I found out about BUTTONNOSES through the Yorkie Facebook page and immediately contacted Nasim. I was quickly impressed with her instant reply, professionalism and genuine love for animals which was clearly evident.

Setting up Baxter for the first visit was very easy and detailed which I really appreciated as the application required a lot of important information about our dog-this showed me again the level of professionalism and care for each individual dog. For Baxter’s first visit, as a doggy mom, I was nervous but quickly felt at ease by the continuous updates and pictures that Nasim sent; it was clear that he fell in love with the whole pack as he was happy and was having a lot of fun. Since then, we have brought him there for playdates and for the hotel when we went on vacation, during which we continued to received daily updates-we felt we could truly enjoy our vacation knowing our baby was having a vacation of his own with his furry friends.

Lastly, and importantly, another thing I have been most impressed with and for which I am truly grateful, is the help and guidance Nasim has provided even when Baxter wasn’t there. She helped us in finding a better food that he could truly enjoy but was also nutritious (she gave us samples actually) and now, for the first time since we have had, he LOVES meal times. Basically, anytime I have a question or concern, she is readily available and provides her expertise. Without any doubt, I highly, HIGHLY recommend BUTTONNOSES for any dog parents of tiny dogs: I guarantee they will be in the best hands! Thank you so much BUTTONNOSES!!
— Flor, Baxter's mom
We recently went on vacation for 2 weeks and had no idea where to leave our fur child. Bentley is our kid and we wouldn’t just leave him with anyone. I remember I had met Nasim at a Chihuahua meet-up and that she had specialized in small dogs. I reached out to the Facebook forum and everyone suggested Nasim at BUTTONNOSES. Well, it was the best decision we have ever made. Bentley is pretty needy and requires a lot of attention and patience and we couldn’t just leave him with anyone. Nasim became Bentley’s best friend within an hour, (and Bentley is not very good with people) we knew right away we were going to have total peace of mind while away. We received a daily report with pictures, updates and videos and Nasim even threw Bentley a birthday party while we were away. Words cannot describe how thankful we are to have met Nasim and how much the BUTTONNOSES fur-children mean in our lives. Bentley loved every minute during his stay at the Hugs Hotel and I am sure he misses them every day. Thank you Nasim for your kindness, patience and endless love for the little doggies, you now have customers for life!
— Erin & Josh, Bentley's Parents
My 8lbs Yorkie Archie has been to BUTTONNOSES a handful of times and even stayed at Hugs Hotel. Being a protective mom, my concern was his safety and ensuring he was left in the best caring hands. I have never felt so assured Archie was taken care of! We originally met Nasim while taking Archie for a walk around our neighbourhood. After meeting her we knew that she would care for Archie as if he was her own. The reports, pictures and videos all helped see what Archie was up to. She has always been very flexible and accommodating for Archie. Her professionalism, care and love for dogs is apparent. I cannot recommend Nasim and BUTTONNOSES enough. Thank you, Nasim and BUTTONNOSES for everything you do!
— Gabriella, Archie's mom
Coco the cat had a vacation too, with the love and care he received from Nasim! We returned home to a clean cat litter and feeding area, and Coco had received a new toy from Nasim, and my husband and I received a beautiful blooming plant from Nasim!! What a great experience.
— Christine, Coco's mom
My 2.5lbs Yorkie just had her first day at ButtonNoses and I don’t even know where to begin!!! Nasim is so loving and careful with your baby as she is also a tiny dog owner. She provided videos and photos throughout the day in order to reassure me all the dogs were engaged and getting along. I cannot recommend her enough. It took me months to find a small doggy daycare in my area (Entertainment/Queen West) but this was well worth the wait. I also received the most incredible video montage of my doggy’s activities! Nasim’s professionalism is beyond reproach. Can’t wait to make this a regular routine. xo
— Erica, Lily's mom
My baby Zukie is a 5 month old Yorkie-Daschund-Chihuahua and has now been twice to BUTTONNOSES. She loves it! Comes home exhausted and I get updates from Nasim all the time with pictures and videos of the day. She’s so caring and loves your little ones as much as she loves hers. It is perfectly situated if you live in the Queen/King West area. It’s easy to access and Nasim is very flexible, helps make pick up and drop off easy by coming to your car if you’re on your way to work. Completely recommended, it’s also very good for your pups to be socialized. It’s been hard to find play mates for my baby as all the other pups and dogs are much larger and harder to play with due to their size. This is perfect! She is awesome, don’t keep thinking about it. Do it! Even if it’s just once a week or every few weeks. Such a treat for your pup!
— Esme, Zukie's mom
Koochee, our 4lb Chihuahua had his first overnight stay. He enjoyed his stay with his new friends and will return for more fun in the near future. There was great communication during his overnight stay that made us feel comfortable, thank you!
— Mary, Koochee's mom
BUTTONNOSES provides my dog companionship with other small dogs, which is important as Hugo is comfortable with dogs that are the same size as him. At the end of a day at cuddle care, Hugo is so content and tired. He is always so happy to see Nasim and the pictures she sends during the day show how happy he is. BUTTONNOSES is a fun daycare for both me and my dog!
— Pat, Hugo's mom
Thank you so much Nasim for taking great care of Daisy and Duke last weekend and for the gift bag! The daily pics you sent were comforting to see they fully enjoyed their stay. They’re already looking forward to their next visit in July!
— Johanna, Daisy & Duke's mom
Our two little ones just spent 10 days with the BUTTONNOSES pack. They had a great time -learned to socialize with other teeny tiny pups, and got a little spoiled -more than a little! It was the first time they have ever spent so many nights away from us and what an enormous relief to know that not only were our furbabies safe, but got cuddles and plenty of loving attention from Nasim at Hugs Hotel. plus plenty of gorgeous pics and little videos of our babies, so that we felt that we were never that far away from them. BUTTONNOSES is the perfect place for your little furry loves.
— Chery, Lola and Finn's mom
BUTTONNOSES was recommended by another cat sitting/caring company that I called but does not service my neighbourhood. And what a recommendation it was. I have now used BUTTONNOSES since then and can recommend them without reservation. Not only are my cats well loved and cared for in my absence but I know my house and all valuables are secure. Nasim is meticulous in everything she does and even leaves gifts for owner and cats! I’ll never have to worry about travelling and leaving my cats again!
— Myra, Ami & Yuki's mom
Having Honey at BUTTONNOSES is truly a home away from home. I don’t doubt Honey’s safety, comfort and happiness when she is in their care.
Nasim provides for all of her needs and more. There is nowhere else for her to be. I don’t know what we would do without Nasim and BUTTONNOSES team!
Thanks for being there the way you do! xo
— Shelley, Honey's mom
I highly recommend BUTTONNOSES! I don’t trust just anyone with my trio of dogs. Nasim has a great deal of experience with animals especially tiny dogs. She comes with a wealth of knowledge on animal care, training and a contributor to animal rescue. Your dog will enjoy them self with a vacay away from home and you will be comforted knowing that they are happy and safe. My dogs adore Nasim and can’t wait for another visit!
— Gayle, Austin & Jake & Cookie's mom
Patient, trustworthy, kind and very knowledgeable about animals and their behaviour and medical needs. Very generous and compassionate towards all animals especially those with special needs.
— Megan, Arthur's mom
I have always been a little apprehensive to leave my dog with others. Being that she’s tiny, I was concerned that she would be rough housed by other dogs, or not given the freedom to run around, given her size. I was recommended to BUTTONNOSES by a friend who swore I wouldn’t be disappointed. Being caught in a bind, and needing to find someone quickly, I reached out! I am SO thankful I did. It is always clear when someone is passionate about the work they do. Nasim is one of those individuals. Her tenderness with “Mummy”, my dog was seen immediately. Her fine attention to detail by sending home daily report cards, really helped when I was out of the country. Housed with a few little BUTTONNOSE friends, Mummy fit right in, and quickly considered this her second little home.

Most recently, I fell quite ill with pneumonia. I didn’t even have to reach out to Nasim. Nasim heard about my sickness and reached out. Just when I needed her; and honestly, it was a general concern to help any which way she could. Not only did Nasim watch Mummy, but she came to me. Stayed in the day when needed, or took her back to fun central at the BUTTONNOSES main play space. It was one of those weeks, where not only was I sick, but Mummy had an emergency medical issue of seizures out of nowhere. Nasim researched, and eased my mind on how best to take care of her needs.

I will only use BUTTONNOSES for my doggy daycare needs. I know that she takes care of Mummy like her own. She truly loves the four legged babies that spend time with her. Blessed to have found such a great service with an awesome leader!

Thanks Nasim and BUTTONNOSES!
— Rachael, Mummy's mom
Thanks to Nasim (founder of BUTTONNOSES) and the unconditional love and the safe “home away from home” that BUTTONNOSES provides, I no longer have to rely on kennels or relatives unfamiliar with the needs of my tiny pups!

I am the proud mom to Poppy (a 5 lb. senior, puppy-mill-rescue Chihuahua) and little Mia (a whopping 2.5 lb. Yorkie, a special-needs rescue with multiple surgeries on her teeny leg). Nasim’s education, training and life-long experience cannot begin to cover her capabilities when it comes to caring for my precious furries.

The unequivocal dedication and devotion of BUTTONNOSES to saving the lives of tiny dogs is awe inspiring, and I feel empowered for having the opportunity to support their rescue work by simply using their services.

Nasim will make sure to keep you updated with pictures, videos and even Facetime! She is truly one of a kind, and I would recommend BUTTONNOSES to anyone who loves their tiny fur-baby more than anything“
— Leslie, Poppy & Mia's mom
I know you would go ‘to the ends of the earth and beyond’ for those you care for, both 4-legged and 2-legged. Your compassion, empathy and love for companion animals stands as an example for what I, personally, would strive to see in all humans.
— Laurie, Petey & Peaches' mom
Nasim is one of THE most loving, gentle and caring people I’ve ever met! Her care is unsurpassed. As a small dog owner, I can say, Nasim understands the special needs of the little ones! She gives them the extra attention and love and cares for them as if they were her own!
— Kelsey, Owner of Barkingham Palace & Moca's mom

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