Our Story


BUTTONNOSESTM was born out of love, passion, and a strong sense of mission. To create a fun, loving and safe community for teeny tiny doggies, and to give them the opportunity to extend a helping hand to those less fortunate little ones that need us.

BUTTONNOSESTM strives to be a "one stop shop" for every itty bitty doggy in town. We understand them better than anyone else, and cater to their every need like no other.

BUTTONNOSESTM SAVE A LIFE PROGRAM is passionately dedicated to helping and protecting little dogs from those forces working against them. Together, we fight the fight against cruelty and neglect, while pampering and spoiling our own little ones at home.

Our Founder

Clarification: I'm on the left :)

Clarification: I'm on the left :)

Hello! My name is Nasim Mansour, and I am the proud founder of BUTTONNOSESTM.

My love for animals and nature became apparent to my family when I was a little girl. It is a passion that has never left me. In fact, it continues to grow stronger with every passing day.

Fast forward a few years, after graduating with a degree in engineering, I spent many years working in the corporate world, while continuing to do rescue work with a number of animal rescue and animal welfare organizations in my spare time. I got certified as a dog trainer to not only understand and train my own dogs better, but to be able to help the foster dogs in my care more effectively. I also worked as a trainer with Deena Cooper on a part-time basis.

It soon became clear that my time with animals was more valuable and enjoyable than the time I was spending in the corporate world. I found so much more fulfillment in helping an abused animal accept the first human touch, or a severely neglected furry angel come back to health. I made the decision to give up my life as an engineer and dedicate all my time, energy and true love where my real passion lay - with four legged furballs.

BUTTONNOSESTM gives me an opportunity to not only enjoy the love of an extended family of furries surrounding me but it also allows me to continue to help little dogs in need through BUTTONNOSESTM SAVE A LIFE PROGRAM.


I am currently an active volunteer with the Toronto Humane Society (THS), Humane Society International (HSI), and Red Rover.

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Our Social Committee

Please meet the permanent residents of BUTTONNOSESTM!
These tiny tidbits are the reason why BUTTONNOSESTM exists! They all weigh between 2.8lb and 6lbs. But don't let their little stature fool you! This crew is big on personality and ridiculously loaded with cuteness. And each one brings something special to the table. Your dog will feel at home and included with one or more of this crew.


Mr. Big is the resident heartbreaker. He is a tiny maltese, all of 2.8 lbs, but his size does not hold him back. Mr. Big is "the charmer" of the pack. He has a way with the ladies and leaves his "mark" on all those he claims as his own. Quite the Casanova! He will hypnotize you with those dark eyes and in no time will have you swooning over him. This tiny package is powerful and in charge.


Sushi, a slim and trim 3.5lb yorkie and our Diva Extraodinaire, is the social committees coordinator. She loves to dress up in her fancy clothes and will be the first to welcome you into the fold when you visit. Sushi loves to perform on stage when she has time for her fans. In 2015, Sushi debuted as Bruiser in the professional play "Legally Blond", and in 2016 she was Toto in "The Wizard of Oz"! Spend a day with her and she may give you her autograph!


Zero is our chihuahua, carrying a stocky 5 lbs. Zero is always a gentleman with everyone he meets. He is soft spoken and patient. Not one to force himself on you when he sees you. His kindness and gentleness will woo you. Zero usually keeps to himself but will be happy to share his space with you. Zero is a one lady kinda dog. Currently, Zero is available and open to companionship.


Meet Bumble Bee (aka BB). That's right! The name says it all! Looking for a playmate? BB is your girl! She is a love! She is the youngest of the pack and the largest! She is a svelte 6 lbs maltese cross, a bit of a tomboy, always wanting to play or just be wherever you are. If you are shy, BB will bring you out of your shell. She's not picky at all. Dress her up or dress her down, she rolls with the punches. She is also the pack's security alert system. Nothing gets by her! You will feel very protected with BB by your side.

There you have it! This is our wonder team of Tidbits! Your dog will be eager to join this crew after one visit, guaranteed!

In 2011, three of them appeared on TV with a handful of other tiny cuties. Watch the clip below to find out which three, and let unbearable cuteness unfold before your eyes ...

(In loving memory of Chris Hyndman)