Established in 2018, in memory of our dearly departed rescue dog, Marvin , Marvin’s Legacy Foundation aims to raise $10,000 before July 19, 2019, which would have been Marvin’s 15th birthday. All of the funds raised by the foundation will be used by BUTTONNOSES Rescue  to save as many senior and special needs dogs as possible.

Marvin’s story was a sad one, and the worst case of neglect that BUTTONNOSES Rescue has ever seen. When Marvin was surrendered to BUTTONNOSES Rescue by his “owner” in November 2017, he was 14 years old and his tiny, four-pound body was in terrible shape. When he was rescued, Marvin had alopecia (hair loss) on most of his body and was extremely emaciated; so much so that you could count his ribs. Unfortunately for Marvin, those were the least of his health problems. Marvin’s feet were horribly deformed, with extremely long, crooked nails, making it almost impossible for Marvin to walk. He also had very rotten teeth, some of which were almost falling out of his mouth.

When BUTTONNOSES’ founder, Nasim, met Marvin she immediately brought him into her home and was determined to make the rest of his years, his best ones – filled with love, food and as much veterinary and holistic care as possible, both to manage his pain and correct his many health issues (or at least prevent them from worsening). When he was first rescued, Marvin wouldn’t let anyone touch or hold him; over time though, Marvin began to trust people again, though he wouldn’t hesitate to use his two remaining teeth to bite anyone who upset him. Overall, Marvin’s ten months with BUTTONNOSES Rescue were happy ones – especially so, when he was gnawing on the green crabapples in Nasim’s backyard; that was his favorite activity – and one that was adorable to watch.  

 Marvin touched a lot of hearts in the ten months that he lived with Nasim and the BUTTONNOSES gang. Everyone who heard his story was moved - often to tears, both in sadness and happiness - because, even after all the terrible things that he had been through, he still was able to trust and to love again. He was truly an inspiration to all of us and a testament to the unconditional love that animals give us.

Sadly, Marvin passed away at home on September 9, 2018, surrounded by his BUTTONNOSES family, but his memory lives on through Marvin’s Legacy Foundation.


Marvin’s story was terrible but, unfortunately, it’s not unique. There are thousands of dogs that are abandoned, mistreated or neglected every year in the GTA; BUTTONNOSES Rescue saves the dogs that no one else wants: seniors and dogs with special needs, who often need very expensive veterinary care, some for the rest of their lives. BUTTONNOSES created Marvin’s Legacy Foundation in Marvin’s memory, to help other pups like him.

In the next ten months, Marvin’s Legacy Foundation aims to raise $10,000, all of which will be used by BUTTONNOSES Rescue to expand their rescue efforts and save as many senior and special needs animals as possible - ensuring that they all live the rest of their years in a happy and safe space, full of love – as Marvin did. 

Will you help us reach this goal and save more dog-babies in need?

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