Kobe - Adopted

Meet Kobe - June 2018

This cutie pie was picked up as a stray and taken to animal services before he was transferred to our rescue a few days ago. What we know about him so far is:

  • He is intact and needs to be neutered
  • He also needs to be vaccinated
  • There's a little growth on his eyelid that needs to be removed
  • He has ear and eye infection

Next step: a visit to our vet. We can't wait for Kobe's personality to come out so we can tell you all about him. Stay tuned ....

Update - July 2018

Kobe's vetting is all done and he is now ready for his forever home. Here is what you need to know about him:


Kobe is a very sweet, loving and happy little man. He would absolutely love you to take him on long walks,  wrestle with you and end the day cuddling with you, he would like to sleep on the bed with you, but is comfortable sleeping in his dog bed too. Kobe is very kind and gentle when meeting people, dogs  or children and is liked by everyone that meets him.  

 Kobe does have some hearing loss but he can hear loud noises, you can get his attention by clapping or whistling....OR by food, his favorite thing!     He is learning a hand signal, to get him to sit at the door to put his harness on, this needs more work as he has a very hard time containing himself when he wants to go out, it's all fun, fun, fun, with this sweetheart!   He is trained to relieve himself outside and he has NOT had one accident.    

Kobe had been found as a stray, understandably, once put in a foster home, he had become a little unsure and insecure at times and has had some separation anxiety issues, however, he has progressed so quickly in a very short time, we see his confidence building day by day and we believe he will continue to progress once he is in his forever home.

Kobe gets extremely stressed and anxious on car rides and this is something that needs to be worked on with love and patience, and who knows maybe he will even get to enjoy car rides one day!

All in all, this little guy is such a wonderful little man, a joy to be with, LOVES his walks, active but is happy to chill and cuddle with you too, he has all the right balance of a wonderful companion.    

Kobe at a glance:
Breed / gender Poodle mix - Male
Age est. 10 yo
Weight 10 lb
Sheds? No
Exercise Needs Medium
Barking Can get vocal at times but not a major barker
Housetrained? Yes
Good with:
Dogs Yes
Cats Unknown
Car Rides No
Grooming Very wiggly
Kids Not under 12
Adoption Fee $350
Current foster location Toronto

For information about our adoption process and to complete an adoption application for Kobe, please click here.

Adopted - August 2018

This deserving little man now has a loving mom who is spoiling him every single day. This was match made in heaven. We wish them both all the best.