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Meet Pamper McHuggies - March 2018

Pamper McHuggies we a transfer from a rescue in Iran. He flew half way across the world to Toronto to meet his forever family. This little guys is a real pleasure to be around. He is extremely loving and joyful. Very happy to see you when you get home. When he is energetic he likes playing fetch with his squeaky toy. When he is in relax mode he likes to hang out on the couch and cuddle/chill out.

Pamper is great with other dogs and even cats. When he is out for a walk on the leash, he does tend to bark at people and dogs. We have been working with him to try and stop/reduce the amount of barking.

 While at home if he needs to go, he will do so on the pee pad. He has not had any accidents in any areas of the condo he is being fostered in.

Foster family have a 6 year old boy. Pamper was a little wary of him at first. But he has gotten better after getting to know him . We feel that Pamper would do best in a home with older children who can respect his space.

Pamper McHuggies is generally very quiet and sweet and not a big barker. However, he tends to get a bit vocal when he's left alone and even though he is currently being fostered in a condo, best forever home for him would have to be a house where noise is not an issue.

Pamper McHuggies at a glance:
Breed / gender Maltese / Shih Tzu - Male
Age 9 yo
Weight 13 lb
Sheds? No
Exercise Needs Medium
Barking When he's alone. Otherwise not a major barker
Housetrained? Yes, also uses pee pads
Good with:
Dogs Yes
Cats Yes
Car Rides Yes
Grooming Yes
Stairs Yes
Kids Not under 12 years old
Adoption Fee $350
Current foster location Toronto

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Adoption Announcement - June 2018

Pamper has found his forever loving home. Wish you all the best, little man.