Daisy and Ceaser - Adopted

Meet Daisy & Ceaser - September 2017

Let us introduce to you an armful of hugs and kisses.
Ceaser and Daisy are a brother and sister that were surrendered to BUTTONNOSES because of a change in family circumstances. Don’t let their size fool you, as this bonded dynamic duo comes with endless love and affection. Ceaser is full of confidence and loves to chat with other dogs, if you own or have owned a Chi in the past you know what that means. Ceaser is peepad trained, however if new to his environment, he will want to mark his territory if left unsupervised. He loves walks and may jump towards other dogs to protect Daisy. Ceaser loves to chase cats, more for play than as an aggressor. Daisy is a quiet lady outdoors, however once indoors she will be the play instigator. Daisy is also peepad trained but that doesn’t mean she doesn’t love her walks. Daisy will tolerate a cat but would prefer you to focus on her. This loving pair just loves to cuddle and play with their owner; on the other hand they will cuddle with each other when you are up and about.

Adoption Announcement - October 2017

This cute little pair of nuggets has found their loving forever home with Christina and her family, and we could not be happier for them. Congratulations Christina, Daisy and Ceaser. You are in for lots of love, cuddles and spoiling for the rest of your lives. xo