Audrey Pupburn - R.I.P

Meet Audrey Pupburn - October 2017

Adorable Audrey is a little princess chihuahua that came into our rescue at the golden age of 15 after she was found as a stray and taken to a shelter. Unfortunately she is not doing so well.

The day of her rescue she was taken straight to our vet infested with fleas, stinky breath, dehydrated and not eating. She is also missing patches of hair on her body. Unfortunately the vet was unable to draw blood from her little veins as she was too weak. She was sent to her foster home on pain meds and to rest, not knowing if she would make it through the next few nights . After a few days her drinking and appetite started to come around thanks to some much needed rest and snuggles in a comfy bed.

Audrey loves human contact and wags her little tale every time you pet her. She also will make sure she's right beside you no matter what. After her blood was finally able to be taken it was determined she is severely anemic, among other irregularities in her blood work. Her teeth are so rotten they're infecting her sinus and affecting her breathing. She is in a lot of pain and needs a dental durgery asap, although it wont be without risks considering her age and fragility. Audrey has a long road to recovery but is pushing along as the vet says her heart is very strong.

Audrey is a mascot for all animals who have been mistreated and still stand strong with hope. Her loving eyes and motivation to push forward give everyone who meets her a smile on their face. Audrey has a lot to offer but has a tough journey ahead. Please consider making a contribution as she needs all the help she can get. Stay tuned to follow her journey to recovery. 

Photos by: Happy Furry Feet

Update - Jan 2018

Audrey went in for her extensive dental surgery on .,.. and with a whole team of people sending love and prayers it was a success!

Foster mom's report:
I was so nervous to get her that day after the surgery! The night before the surgery I don't think I slept a wink. Picking her up after surgery was so rewarding! After a few days of recovery and resting from her rotten teeth being pulled out I started to notice a huge difference. She must have been in so much pain I could see it in her eyes before. She was not able to function properly. I couldn't imagine having my teeth rotting so bad the infection has gone into my bones and sinus.

After a few days of rest her little tail started to wag again this time with some spunk! Audrey has truly become a little character in the house. She loves to follow me around and enjoys the finer things in life. It might take her a while to finish her dinner but she will stare you down for some of yours. She's just your regular adorable senior chihuahua! She loves building beds and snuggling under blankets and is content being carried around all day in your arms or even a little carry bag! If you get too close she will give you licks all over your face !!

I'm so glad I have had the chance to see her heal and get better she has so much love for people it's hard for me to believe after what she has been through. Stay tuned for more updates !!

As per the Veterinarian though her rotten teeth where pulled her gums, sinus and bones will take some time to heal due to the extent of the infection. 


Update - Feb 2018

Foster mom has very sad news to share:

"From the moment I picked you up from the shelter I put you in my arms and promised you things would only get better from here. 15 years old left to die flea infested, blood levels off the charts, half blind and def with rotten teeth. We started our journey together and no one thought you would make it. Some high protein, veggies and home cooked meals brought your energy back. Your intensive dental surgery who no one thought you would make it through you recovered from with flying colours. You spent Christmas snuggling with all my family members and your nights sleeping right beside me. I never thought things would take a turn for the worst. The last two days where the hardest days and even though you weren't in my life that long it wasn't easy. At 2am last night you made the journey over the rainbow bridge and are no longer suffering. Thank you so much to my family and friends who cared for you as our own pet, the wonderful Nasim Mansour from BUTTONNOSES rescue who devotes her life to caring for animals, Dr Iqbal at Parkways Animal Hospital you are amazing and the VEC Toronto for all the hard work you do! I honestly couldn't have got through anything without you and definitely neither could she! It was a joint effort which I am forever thankful for and so is she. "