Javier Barkem - Adopted

Meet Javier Barkem - September 2017

Javier is a classic chihuahua - 10 pounds of solid love, who, when he’s not staring at you with adoration you may or may not deserve, is either sleeping on laundry or looking out for trouble-makers that aren’t really there. Like all chihuahuas, he wants to work. He’s vocal when he thinks there’s something you really should know about. He barks for a few seconds at a door knock or when something’s out of the ordinary. On his downtime he loves to chill, get belly rubs, go for walks and eat, pretty much in that order.


Javier is a pretty rare brindle coloured chihuahua (both parents have to carry the recessive brindle gene). He’s strikingly handsome (you’d swear he knows it), with a black-striped tan coat and gold-flecked eyes. He’s super-smart, a little edgy when he feels like it, and goofy when he thinks it will get him closer to what he wants. Like his namesake, he’s a great actor.

Javy adores people. He expects to be lifted and cuddled right away by everyone he meets and he’s clearly disappointed if they don’t pick up on that. He loves the company of other dogs (he’s currently living with four), but has some fear aggression with new dogs (especially bigger than him, which most are), unless they’re on his turf. He gets over it fast once he meets them again.

We have no idea about this little guy’s past (he’s clearly left it there) or how old he is. Based on his teeth and adorably graying muzzle, he’s probably around 8 (which is middle-aged for chihuahuas, who can live to 20 years). He’s in great physical shape - loves to walk as far as you will take him and bounds up stairs.

Javier would be a great addition to a pack or a single companion dog for anyone. For chihuahua fans, this guy is really the complete package.

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