Bailey - Adopted


Press Release - September 2017

Baily has found her forever home!

Congratulations beautiful girl. Enjoy your new life with your loving family and your pretty little sister Josie. xo

Meet Bailey

Bailey is the smallest cutest loveable dog you will meet. She came into rescue as an owner surrender with severe eye and ear infections and some painful rotten teeth, she was not able to walk very well either but she is so strong and motivated this changed very fast! After a vet visit and some ear and eye medication she started to perk up one day at a time, next was her dental and rotten teeth were removed and within a day believe it or not she was running on the grass and wagging her little tail.

Bailey’s foster family adores her and so does everyone who meets her. Bailey has the cutest little look on her face that everywhere she goes people stare and ask about her. Bailey is the perfect dog to bring with you anywhere you want as she loves to be right by your side. You can bring her in your purse or in your arm and she will fit just comfortably and be very happy to be with you all day. Bailey loves being walked with a harness twice a day, do not let her age fool you she loves walking, it keeps her young! Bailey loves rolling and playing in the grass! She will even run for the occasional bird or squirrel!!! (Pigeons are her favourite) Unfortunately it is believed that Bailey cannot hear properly but this has not stopped her from doing all the doggy things she loves like cuddling while watching a movie or enjoying nap time. Bailey does get attached to one person but she is for the most part good with everyone, she has a bit of separation anxiety but this is being worked on.

If you want a dog that is fully house trained she's your gal. She uses pads and will also go outside on the grass like a superstar! We are very impressed by her house training skills. Bailey is looking for a quiet home with someone who is home a lot so she can relax comfortably and enjoy her golden years. I promise you will be well rewarded when you meet this little angel as she makes everyone smile.

Bailey seems to do well with cats and other small dogs but loves her humans the most. If you want a very cute and loveable companion who will always be by your side she's the perfect lady to open your heart to!

Bailey at a glance:
Breed / gender Female Maltese
Age 12 yo
Weight 6 lb
Sheds? NO
Exercise Needs Low
Barking Not a barker
Housetrained? Yes
Good with:
Dogs Yes
Cats Yes
Car Rides Tolerates
Grooming Yes
Kids Not under 12 years old
Adoption Fee $250
Current foster location Toronto