Tyson and Loki - Adopted


Press Release - September 2017

Tyson & Loki have found their forever home!

Congratulations to Tyson and Loki for having found a beautiful loving family they can now call their own. Have a wonderful life cutie pies. xo

Meet Tyson and Loki

Hi! I'm Tyson! I'm a healthy neutered 10 years old single father looking to share my love with someone special. Love me, love my son, Loki! He is 6.5 years old now. That's right we come as a set. I love my boy and I have more love to share with the right person. I'm shy when you first meet me, but I warm up real quickly. I am handsome (if I may say so myself), gentle, silent type that only speaks when I am alerted to noise or to welcome you home. And I know when to be quiet. Just a gesture from you will quiet me.

My son and I love walks in the neighbourhood & parks. We walk well together and love to mark our territory on mounds of tall grass. I'm very social when out and about. I won't embarrass you in public.Please don't take this the wrong way...I like sleeping with the one I love. Sometimes I like to cuddle in the bed and other times I like my own space at the bottom of the bed or on the side you aren't sleeping on, so I won't crowd you too much. My son likes to sleep near me too. If you have children, that's great! I love kids! So does Loki! We love the attention they give us. We enjoy positive attention. And we like to give you attention too! We don't know many tricks but we are smart and can learn. Our previous owner taught us the basics like sit and come, if I'm honest tricks work better with treats! We love food! Especially, when it taste and smells like your food!

We are looking for a loving home & family that is willing to share their life with us. My previous owner has grown up now and has become busy with her work, and the other members of the family didn't pay us much attention nor cared to have us around anymore. We want to be where you are when possible, when we can't that's okay, we keep each other company and we're pretty quiet. We are even crate trained and pee pad trained. Loki is an expert at the pee pad thing. I sometimes get forgetful, but with positive reinforcement, I quickly remember manners and will use the pee pad.

Looking forward to meeting you and our new home. Our foster mama says we are a great catch! She doesn't understand how someone could let us go. We don't want to be disappointed again. We won't disappoint you either.

If you are looking for a forever love, look no further! We've got plenty of love to give and doubly so! We are looking for someone to make a forever commitment to both of us. That will love me and my son. For we are truly lovable! Someone patient and kind. We get along with other dogs (although Loki is scared of most big dogs, I'm not scared of them.) We aren't scared of much at all. Not even thunderstorms or vaccum cleaners! We get excited while driving in the car! Love exploring with you. We would love to meet your friends & family and promise to treat them like one of our own. We promise to keep you company and warm at nights. Especially Loki, he's a bit of a clown! He has this thing at bed time where he just has to climb under the covers with you and lie down beside your legs or between them. He's such a character. I just love that boy! He never stays to far away from me, so I am able to keep an eye on him for you. Loki is the affectionate type, always willing to give a kiss, me...not so much. I like to show my affections in other ways. Both of us are healthy and happy when all is well. Our foster mama treated both of us to a dental cleaning, so we have fresh breath. We come micro chipped and up to date on vaccines.

To apply for the adoption of these two cutie pies please go here.,