Porscha's 'Happy Tail'


We are thrilled to report that Porscha DeRossi is thriving in her forever home. Here is an update we received from her mom not long ago:

Our little princess, Porscha

My husband and I are a young married couple. We have an eight year old Morkie named Julian who we have had since he was eight weeks old. We were looking for a companion for Julian and we always wanted our second dog to be a rescue. In August 2016 Porscha first came to us as a foster. When she arrived she was much neglected. She did not want to be around people and would isolate herself in a corner. Due to poor care she had very fine hair and was overweight. Additionally, all but four of her teeth had to be removed due to neglect. Once she had her dental surgery she started coming around. She started to seek attention and would ask to sit on my lap. Eventually she became comfortable enough to cuddle up next to me in bed. I was so happy when she first asked to be placed on the bed as that signalled a new level of comfort with us. Since that day she has not looked back and sleeps next to us every night.

Porscha is an extremely loving little dog. She is a huge cuddler and I cannot sit down without her burying herself in the smallest space next to me to sleep. Not only has Porscha come out of her shell since coming to stay with us, but she has allowed Julian to come out of his as well. Before Julian was reluctant to play with other dogs and would normally run away when they tried playing with him. He now initiates play with Porscha, and they chase each other around the house. Due to an improved diet, Porscha has lost weight and her hair has come back in. Every day when I come home I am greeted by Julian and Porscha, both feverishly wagging their tails.

We adopted Porscha in September, 2016. This Christmas was our first Christmas with Porscha. She is our little Princess and we couldn’t wait to spoil her with presents and treats. Not only did we spoil her, but my entire family spoiled her. She has not only become a new member of our little family, but she is a member of our extended family; we all love her to pieces. This year I also took Julian and Porscha to see Santa.

If you are considering a new dog I highly recommend a rescue. They have so much love to give and they just need a family to love. It is incredibly sad to think that this little dog who loves so much once did not have the love she so craved to give and receive. However, it is also incredibly rewarding to see a rescue come out of their shell, feel comfortable in their new home, and have them love you back as much as you love them. Porscha, our little Princess, completes our home, and we are so lucky BUTTONNOSES brought her to us.