Adopt 'Olivia Pup'


Meet Olivia Pup - March 2017

As you can tell from her pictures, Olivia Pup is likely the prettiest chihuahua (if not prettiest dog) ever born. She has sleek black fur with brown and white markings and perfect white gloves on her front paws. She looks like a diva, but for the most part she doesn’t act like one.

The only thing we know about Livy is that she was surrendered to a shelter a few months ago. She wasn’t spayed and has signs of having had pups, so it’s possible she was used for breeding and then discarded.

Olivia has a very "special" way of walking due to her neurological issues that she was likely born with. She has been examined by a neurologist and after a few different investigative treatments, our vet is of the opinion that she will probably continue to prance around in her own "special way" without even knowing it. Her condition does not seem to affect her quality of life in any way, it just makes her even more special.

Meanwhile, she’s a sweet, super-affectionate little character who attaches very quickly to her caregivers. Livy is great on a lead and loves walking more than anything (except dinnertime and sleeping under the blankets).

She’s devoted (maybe to the point of obsession) to her humans - if you get that feeling someone’s staring at you, it’s because she is. As focused as she is, she never complains about being left at home during the day. She’s gradually learning to trust strangers and big dogs, two things that weren’t on her list of favourite things.

Olivia Pup at a glance:
Breed / gender Female Short Hair Chihuahua
Age est 4 yo
Weight 5 lb
Sheds? yes
Exercise Needs Low
Barking Yes, when someone comes to the door
Housetrained? Yes
Good with:
Dogs Yes
Cats Yes
Car Rides Yes
Grooming Yes
Stairs No
Kids Not under 12 years old
Adoption Fee $350
Current foster location Toronto