Meet Blu-berry


Meet Blu-berry - January 17, 2017

Oh what a day it has been at BUTTONNOSES Rescue. We have received two severely neglected little Chihuahuas.

Blu-berry is here with her brother Pepito.. She is teeny tiny (2 lbs), scared, unwell, and super itchy. Most of her hair has fallen off and her nails are so long they curl. She is so uncomfortable she can't stop scratching and bleeding herself.

This innocent little angel and her brother have a LONG way to recovery. Stay tuned for updates, and please consider making a donation to their gofundme.

Update - January 18, 2017

Little Blu-berry met our vet today. She is going to need around the clock care for a while which will include daily medicated soaks, lotions and coconut rubs, good food and supplements, and an extensive dental surgery to remove her completely rotten teeth, or whatever is left of them.

Despite all this hardship, Blu still has so much love to give, and so many stinky kisses to offer. Please continue to support her by donating to her gofundme.

Update - February, 2017

Little Blu is coming along really nicely. she is eating nutritious healthy food loaded with supplements, and the daily soaks have made a huge difference in he skin. She is not constantly scratching herself anymore, and quite possibly for the first time in years she is able to sleep through the night without burning and itching.

Blu-berry now has her own Instagram page where you can follow her journey to a new life filled with good health and happiness

Update - March, 2017

Blu-berry had a photo shoot by the amazing and talented Michael Ciurleo . Isn't she gorgeous?

Update - April, 2017

Brave little Blu-berry had a dental a few days ago and had most of her teeth removed because they were badly rotten and extremely painful. She also had a cyst removed form her neck. The vet is very pleased with her progress overall

She sends a big thank you and tail wag to all her supporters who made this procedure possible by donating to her gofundme. Pleas keep supporting her in her journey.

Update - August 2017

Friends, little Blu is in deep trouble. She has been very sick in the last month or so. She has a severely collapsed trachea and now she has a hard time breathing. She has made numerous trips to the emergency clinic in the middle of the night to get oxygen and help with her breathing, and now she is fighting the good fight while we are figuring out the best course of action for her. Our options are; trying a few different medication combinations, or surgery. The surgery option is not without risks, and may or not be successful. So we are trying to avoid going that route as much as possible. Please pray that we find the right medication for her to keep her comfortable, so she can go back to the happy little girl she was becoming since she entered our rescue a few months ago.

Any donations towards her care would be greatly appreciated.

Update - October 2017

Little Blu-berry has great news to share. She has finally stabilized with the right medication combination and dosage, with minimal side effects. She has also been receiving 24/7, around the clock care in her foster home. She can finally breathe well and on her own, with not a lot of trips to the emergency room. This doesn't mean that she is cured. We have just been able to find out what meds work best on her to keep her airway partially open.

Blu will continue to need intensive and around the clock care to ensure that she is stable, and that she gets the immediate emergency help she needs in those occasional but scary critical moments when she has an attack. And of course she will continue to rely on your prayers and your donations towards her care.

BUTTONNOSES Rescue relies on the generosity of donors to cover the cost of care required to keep dogs in our Forever Foster program comfortable during their remaining days. If you would like to Sponsor little Blu-berry and make a donation in support of her care please consider making a donation to our rescue.