Meet Pepito


Meet Pepito - January 17, 2017

Little Pepito (originally Skippy) has come to our rescue, completely broken and has lost all hope. He is young, but does not know what love is. He doesn't know how to accept affection. He barely wants to leave the filthy little crate that he came in.

Pepito is here with his sister Blu-berry. They have both embarked on a long journey towards their healthy and loving "happily ever after". Please check back for updates.

Update - February 2017

Pepito has been examined by our vet, has had an ultrasound, and has visited a cardiologist. Unfortunately this broken boy has a broken heart ... literally. Pepito has congestive heart failure, and his days are sadly numbered.

We are going to make sure Pepito will be loved and well cared for for the rest of his days no matter how long he has. Please consider making a donation towards his care, please help us help this deserving boy.

Update - March 2017

Pepito had a photo shoot by the amazing and talented Michael Ciurleo . Isn't he adorable?

BUTTONNOSES Rescue relies on the generosity of donors to cover the cost of care required to keep dogs in our Forever Foster program comfortable during their remaining days. If you would like to Sponsor little Pepito and make a donation in support of his care please consider making a donation to our rescue.

Photo Credit:  Kinder Art Photography