Coconut Chip - Adopted


This handsome and charismatic little boy was picked up as a stray and taken to a shelter before being transferred to our rescue.

We received this message from her foster mom a little while after she opened up her heart and her home to this little boy who desperately needed somewhere safe and cozy to crash:

coconut chip came to my place January 12th, 2017. At first very untrustworthy, and had the tendency to use his teeth for protection. This continued for quite some time. It is now Mar 2nd, and he doesn’t nip or bite any longer. We go for our walks, and he is anxious, and excited, he will put on his harness and sweater on, with out complaints. When we return, if it’s muddy, I can wash his feet in the sink, he’s fine.

He has settled in very nicely. I would like to officially adopt Coconut Chip, aka Mr. Parker, into my family.
— Janet

Isn't that amazing? Yay Mr. Parker and Janet. Have a wonderful life together.