'Robbie Lowe' - ADOPTED!


Press Release - March 6, 2016

Robbie Lowe has found his forever loving home!!!

Today was a bitter-sweet day at BUTTONNOSES headquarters. Our beautiful celebrity boy left us because he found his forever family, where he can get unlimited love and cuddles from his amazing mom Linda and his cute rescue yorkie brother, Simba. Robbie met his new family and fit right in.

Have a wonderful life, baby boy! Even though you are not a part of our foster program anymore, you will forever be a member of our community.

A few words from Robbie Lowe's foster mom:

It has been an absolute joy to foster sweet little Robbie. Watching him blossom into a happy and confident dog has been an incredibly rewarding experience. Today, he embarks on a wonderful new chapter in his life with his new family. Robbie will likely be scared and shy in his new home at first but with patience and love (he’s a cuddlebug!), he will quickly find his way again. Thank you for opening your home and heart to this wonderful boy.

You can now read Robbie Lowe's "Happy Tail" update.

Meet ‘Robbie Lowe’!

Small, dark and handsome. The strong, silent type. A bit shy to start, but quickly becomes warm and engaging. Not only does this describe the Rob Lowe, it very accurately describes our Robbie Lowe!

Introducing our first ever rescue dog for adoption – Robbie. This handsome little man needs to find a new home! Sadly Robbie’s elderly owner is no longer able to adequately care for him. Robbie has only ever known one home so he tends to be more on the timid side, and rightfully needs time and patience to feel comfortable in new surroundings. Like any good ‘star’, he adapts very quickly! It was not long before Robbie was politely asking to snuggle with his foster family on the couch and seeking some much-loved tummy rubs. Robbie gets along very well with his furry foster brother and breaks out his best dance moves when he wants him to play! Without a doubt, Robbie would be comfortable being the centre of attention as the only fur-child in the home as well.

True to ‘celeb’ fashion, Robbie squeaks or whimpers when he is unhappy (about car rides for instance) or is looking for some extra attention. But otherwise, he is one of the quietest Yorkies EVER! Robbie saves his barks for important occasions (like seeing local wildlife in the backyard), however even his barks are low-key, making him an awesome apartment-dog.

Robbie doesn’t respond to simple commands yet but he is definitely treat-motivated when it comes to training! His housetraining is also a work-in-progress but definitely headed in the right direction! This lovely boy isn’t deterred by a bit of cold weather like many small breed dogs.

Robbie Lowe at a glance:
I am a male yorkshire terrier (Black / tan / grey)
Age 7-8 yo
Weight 6 lb
Sheds? No
Exercise Needs Low to moderate
Barking Occasioanlly barks at loud noises and wildlife
Housetrained? In progress
Good with:
Dogs Yes
Cats Yes
Car Rides Somewhat fearful but manageable
Grooming Tolerant of being handled
Stairs Yes if not slippery
Kids Not under 12 years old
Adoption Fee $350
Current foster location Caledon

Robbie seems to be in excellent health overall, however he does require major dentistry (which will be completed before he goes to his forever home). His teeth are all rotten and infected, and are making him extremely uncomfortable. This procedure is very costly and Robbie will hugely appreciate it if you would consider making a donation to his dental fund below:

This little man is looking for a new family that is willing to help build his confidence by slowly introducing him to new people, places and experiences. If you think you have what it takes to welcome this little celebrity into your life and let him melt your heart every day, you can apply for him here.

If you have any questions about little Robbie Lowe or BUTTONNOSES SAVE A LIFE PROGRAM, please feel free to give us a shout. We would love to hear from you and answer your questions.

Update - Jan 29, 2016

Handsome Robbie Lowe finally had his dental surgery and we are happy to report that he is recovering really well. He actually managed to keep a lot of his pearly whites, thanks to the hard work of his incredible surgery team, Dr. Iqbal and staff at Parkways Animal Hospital.

Robbie is now officially ready for his forever home. If you are interested in sharing the rest of your life with a celebrity hottie, the wait is over. You can apply for him TODAY!