Gavin Rossdale's 'Happy Tail'


At BUTTONNOSES, some of our best days are when we receive Happy Tail updates from our past BUTTONNOSES that were adopted from our Save a Life Program.

Gavin Rossdale was one of those unforgettable little furries that came in, stole a few hearts and took them with him to his forever home. Here is the lovely update we received from his new family not long ago:

A little someone has urged me to give you a very well deserved update on his progress since we last spoke. Gavin has improved in leaps and bounds over the past month, wow he’s really come out of his shell, so so so happy! About a week or so after we spoke my hubby came home from working a 58 day work shift out west for 10 days. During his time off we went camping, sort of, we actually pitched our tent on his sisters’ backyard in Beaverton. She has quite a lot of land & is very near the river/lake, which is great for us as we have a small boat. Well let me tell you Gavin absolutely loved it there, as do Rosie & Sprinkles, it is completely fenced in, lots of off leash running & playing & walks & BBQs from sun up to sun down. Then we sat around the fire at night for a couple hours then to bed where we ALL slept together. He always came when called, got along very well with my sister-in-law’s Yorkie & her cat too. Why Gavin even jumped up & sat on my nieces’ daughter’s lap, which to me was amazing, showed he was very relaxed and trusting of those he was around. The best thing of those 5 days was the outcome...he was a different dog when we came home. It seemed to be a bonding experience for us all. Don’t forget, he has never met my husband at that point & I was a little worried it might be too much for him, camping & new person, but worked out great. Gavin took to him almost immediately.

Now, Gavin is back to sleeping in the bed with all of us nightly. He still has his bed in the corner which he uses through the day which is perfect. He and Rosie now play daily, and often, so pleased. He watches her to see what she is doing then copies her. For the longest time he would watch as Rosie & Sprinkles would chew on little sticks in the back yard, no watching anymore, he chews the sticks, it’s so cute to watch all 3 of them on the blanket outside chewing their little sticks. They run around after each other, hilarious. Rosie does this little pawing thing, like a little pony & a little nip under the underarm of Sprinkles to get him going (which it does, haha), now Gavin does exactly same thing to Rosie, nipping her under the underarm and pawing at were so very correct when you stated that Gavin is looking for direction, how to act, what to do, it’s almost like he needed some doggie tips, lol. I must say though that Gavin is pretty good on the leash. With a little correction he no longer barks like a crazy dog when others approach. I had difficulty with Rosie, getting her out on walks, she is skittish. Well, I take the two out together and wow, I can now make it around our little block with Rosie & Gavin! This is because of Gavin, Rosie is taking his lead and following his actions.

Also took Gavin for a visit to meet & greet my vet of over 20 yrs. Other than having to have his anal glands done, his check-up was great and Gavin was so well behaved. I felt it was necessary for my vet to meet him, look him over, and get all vital info into their system as Gavin is now a part of my family & his health & safety is important to his well being.

Please enjoy the pics I have attached & I will send more as Gavin is definitely not camera shy, lol.

Again, thank you for the gift of Gavin, my mini stalker, fierce protector, triple threat, snaggle tooth, rub my belly, can’t do without snuggle bug.
— Sheri & Sprinkles & Rosie & Gavin