'Ruby Rose' - Adopted


Press Release - October 23, 2016

Ruby Rose has found her forever home!

Our beautiful and precious baby girl, Miss. Ruby Rose, went home with her new forever loving parents Ellen and JP. We could not have asked for a happier ending for this deserving little girl who has been through so much in her past life. What a beautiful family!


A few words from Ruby's foster dad:

I don’t know where she came from, but this pint size chica made a big impression when she got here. Over the course of her first week, she moved closer and closer to me, before finally attaching herself like a barnacle. I’m glad she found a perfect forever home with two people who appreciate her amazing charm. I hope they don’t like alone time because she’s not a fan of it.

You can now read Ruby's Happy Tail update and see how much she is loved and cherished by her family.

Meet 'Ruby Rose'!

Please join us in welcoming beautiful Ruby Rose to BUTTONNOSES Save a Life Program. Right now, we are giving her a chance to settle into her foster home while we get to know her better.

Keep checking back for updates. She will start accepting applications for her forever home very soon.

Update - September 19, 2016

Little Miss Ruby Rose is thriving in her loving foster home. She is coming out of her shell, and learning that the world does have kind people like her foster dad.

She was a brave girl for undergoing major dental surgery and is now recovering while being spoiled.

Next step: Spay in a few weeks.

Update - October 5, 2016

Miss Ruby Rose is finally ready to accept applications. Here is her latest and greatest bio prepared by her loving foster dad:

Ruby Rose is actually the alter ego of “The Sidler”, a superhero famous for her ability to sidle up and plant herself beside the unexpecting before they can even sit down. When she’s not beside you, on your lap or wrapped around your neck like a furry airplane pillow, you can be fairly sure she’s watching you from across the room.

Ruby is a really sweet little dog with a mysterious past that she’s quickly learning to leave in the past. She’s a classic chihuahua - super smart, alert and totally devoted to her humans.

Like most chihuahuas, she likes to work and even while sleeping keeps one ear tuned in to keep everyone safe from harm. She’s not a barker, but she’ll give a few warning barks if someone comes to the door or there’s anything she thinks you should know. Ruby is completely housebroken and loves being in the car (as long as you’re in it too). She enjoys walks and is very friendly with other dogs on the street. She likes to bark at them from a distance, but just in a “What’s up with over there? Why aren’t you over here?” kind of way.

Ruby gets along fine with her foster brothers, but really dreams of being an only dog. She would be a great pet for chihuahua lovers or anyone looking to be shadowed on a 24/7 basis.