'Gavin Rossdale' - Adopted


Press Release - August 13, 2016

Gavin Rossdale has found his forever home!

This deserving little man has a family of his own now. Loving parents who love and adore him, a cute and playful Chihuahua sister called Rosie and an accepting and welcoming Chihuahua brother called Sprinkles. We could not be happier for Gavin and his new beautiful family. Have a great life little man.

A few words from Gavin's foster mom:

Dear little Gavin came to live with Audrey (my rescue pom) and me and was my foster pup, houseguest, stalker and sweet little heartbreak man.
He arrived with his winsome little face, quiet, shy manner and nervous ways, but within days was racing around the apartment, jumping up and down off the furniture like a miniature mountain goat and bossing me and Audrey around just for the fun of it. He ate with gusto, jumped with joy when it was time to go out and settling in at bedtime like he’d lived here forever.
He was a joy to foster and I only hoped that his forever family would give him all the love and attention he deserved.
Mission accomplished. Hard as it was to see him go, his new forever mum Sheri (and his new brother and sister) are Gavin’s match made in heaven and my hopes for him made real.
May they live always together in love and joy. Hugs and kisses to Gavin! XOX

Stay tuned for Gavin R's "Happy Tail" update coming soon.

Meet "Gavin Rossdale"

You’ll never mistake Gavin Rossdale - the adorable 5 pound Chihuahua - with Gavin Rossdale the 150 pound-plus human celebrity popstar. For one thing, they’re different species; but more than that – and better too – is that with Gavin Rossdale (the Chihuahua) he’s the fan and you’re the star.

Be prepared for adoration, long, loving gazes and a not insignificant amount of pure awestruck worship. To say Gavin is the tiniest and most adorable stalker you’ll ever meet is to understate the quality and quantity of his devotion to his human. He loves a tickle and a belly rub, a cozy spot atop a pillow or a sofa back, but most of all he just wants to be in your orbit… like a tiny love-struck dog-shaped planet.

At six years old Gavin is still quite puppyish, with a brisk skip to his step, bright eyes and a shy, inquisitive nature. He’s very sweet-tempered (never bites) and is rather timid about meeting new people; but with care and calmness and space to get used to company, he calms right down and will curl up next to a friend in no time flat. The only time Gavin barks is when someone comes to the door and sometimes if he sees a dog he thinks is showing off in the park. It’s his only diva behaviour.

Gavin’s shyness extends to his walks around the neighbourhood, where humans and dogs both cause him nervous flutters, but again, approached with calmness and firm yet positive encouragement, Gavin will keep walking and might even stop for a sniff or simply to be admired. His exercise needs are fairly minimal, but if you want to go, he’ll go all day at your side. Walks are very important and should be taken (at least initially) immediately after eating or accidents can happen. His house-training is not yet quite complete, but he’s so bright and eager to please that by establishing a routine and providing tons of praise and encouragement, Gavin is nearly ready to grasp exactly where and precisely when he is expected to do his business.

He loves his food, his snacks, his belly rubs, but above all else, he loves his human. If you think you can take all the love a simply enormous heart in a tiny little body is longing to give, Gavin is the one for you. Apply for him here.

Gavin Rossdale at a glance:
I am a Short-hair Male Chihuahua (White and tan)
Age 7 yo
Weight 5 lb
Sheds? Yes
Exercise Needs Low
Barking Not a barker
Housetrained? Almost there
Good with:
Dogs Yes
Cats Yes
Car Rides Yes
Grooming Yes
Stairs Yes
Kids Not under 12 years old
Adoption Fee $350
Current foster location Toronto