Meet 'Pepsi'


Meet 'Pepsi' - July 2016

A very fragile little boy has been welcomed into our rescue. We have named him Pepsi because despite his fragile and emaciated little body he is full of bubbles and fizz!

Pepsi is a tiny 2.8lb 8yo yorkie boy. He does not have a bottom jaw or any teeth at all. That makes his eating capabilities a bit complicated which has led to him being extremely skinny.

He is also cryptorchid. and that complicates his neuter, but first things first. Let's get this boy to eat some hearty nutritious food and put on some much needed weight. Right now he is too underweight to be safely neutered.

Keep checking back for updates on Pepsi's journey to health and happiness.


Update - August 2016

Pepsi is doing really well. He is being fed a few times a day, a little portion at a time. He is learning how to eat despite the missing jaw and no teeth. He is still too little to undergo surgery but he is definitely on the right path. He may have even put on a few ounces already! More updates coming soon.  


Update - November 2016

What a brave little boy! Pepsi was finally strong enough to undergo surgery to be neutered (Cryptorchidectomy). He has put on a whopping pound now and is stronger and healthier.


Update - Feb 2017

Pepsi has come a long way and is adjusting really really well in our foster program. However, due to his physical and emotional fragility, we have decided that it's in his best interest to keep him in our Forever Foster program and allow him to continue to improve and thrive in the environment he's currently in.

BUTTONNOSES Rescue relies on the generosity of donors to cover the cost of care required to keep dogs in our Forever Foster program comfortable during their remaining days. If you would like to Sponsor little Pepsi and make a donation in support of his care please consider making a donation to our rescue.