Kodi Simpson's "Happy Tail"


Kodi Simpson's adoption was another one of our success stories. What a beautiful update we received from his forever mom only a few days after his adoption! Enjoy.

When a rescue dog adopts a rescue dog: Long story cut short.. Max, my German Shepard/ Border Collie Mix had a Dentist appointment, which turned out to be meant to be. Usually he brings stick or balls, but this time he brought a little sunshine into our life: Introducing : Mr. Kodi Simpson :-) I never had a Mini Dog or a tiny dog, but there is no difference. Kodi is convinced that he is a great Dane, so I let him believe what he thinks he is, and if he is scared he hides behind me or under the belly of my German Shepard, by putting his face through the front legs of Max and growl, like he would be Super Dog. He moved in and makes everybody smile. First a little shy, but soon found out, yes he can even play with Dobermans, having fun being pet by kids any kind of age and that cat food is more tasty.
Cant say we spoil him like crazy: He needs little bit more of the queen size bed than the German Shepard and the Rescue- Cat Trouble together... so he got his own bed beside our bed, but still sneaks in and cuddles with the other two. He is not really picky with the food, he just needs some variations, so he can choose, but makes immediately the decision if I pretend to feed the cat with what he turned down. Feeding two dogs and a cat is now like a family meeting for Christmas. Lots of fun!!
I always had pets in my life, but the most love I got from the rescued dogs and cats I had and still have. I found Max 11 years ago in a shelter, he moved with me to 7 different countries, saved twice my life and still makes me happy even he is old now and not the fastest one, he used to be. He found Kodi and was not happy to leave him at the vet. He was howling the way home, what he never does. When Mr. Kodi Simpson entered the door .. he was all smile and happy. Trouble the rescue cat was not used to tiny dogs even smaller than herself, the same night she decided, okay, what the heck.. maybe he is a cat?? We definitely don’t need grooming, that is her job now and Kodi enjoys every minute.
I could write forever what makes him so special. Veni, Vidi Vinci.. came, saw and won :-)
— Sabine - Kodi's forever mom