Sophie Vergara - Adopted


Press Release - June 4, 2016

Sophie Vergara has found her forever home!

Does it get any cuter than these family photos? Sophie V has a loving family of her own now. The best mom and dad she could ever ask for. Thanks Helen and Alex for giving this beautiful little girl so much love.

A few words from Sophie's foster mom:

Helen and Alex, I cannot begin to tell you how happy I am that you have chosen to give our dear little Sophie the loving home that she so richly deserves. I knew within minutes of the introduction that this was a match made in heaven. She is such a special soul as you will continue to discover with each passing day. As her former foster mom, it gives me great peace knowing that she will be cherished unconditionally. Bless both of you for opening your hearts and home to her.

Stay tunes for Sophie Vergara's "Happy Tail" update.

Sophie Vergara and Ollie Twist came to our rescue beginning of March 2016. After being monitored in a foster home and allowed some time to settle, we realized that they were not necessarily a bonded pair. To test this theory, they were placed in separate foster homes after a few weeks. They were not only completely ok with being in separate homes, they actually appreciated not having to share the attention of their foster parents. They love being the centre of the universe now and we are certain that they can go on their separate ways and start their forever journeys on their own. However, if you would rather take them both home and love them together and forever, that's also cool!

Meet "Sophie Vergara"!

Well, this little girl doesn’t have too much in common with her celeb namesake, other than her beautiful face and memorable (unique) body shape!   Little Sophie V. is a gentle, sweet and calm soul.  She loves to be near her human at all times, and can get rather feisty (aka assertive) if she feels she is being ignored.  This adorable girl acclimatized to her foster home very quickly, and true to ‘chi’ nature, delights in burrowing under any blanket or pillow she can find... be sure to watch where you sit!

Little Sophie, much like a superstar, prefers to have someone provide a mode of transportation for her, and will only walk on her own terms.  She much prefers having her human carry her everywhere her little heart desires.  Leash-walking is currently a bit of a challenge and a work in progress as Sophie will resist to the point of rolling if you try to encourage her to move forward and she is just not feeling it.  She does however dance and pirouette beautifully for treats!  This is a treat-motivated girl!

Miss Sophie V's exercise needs are that of a retired TV star –complete couch potato.   She barks occasionally at strange noises and of course for attention, but little Ms. V would be a great apartment dog.  Don’t wait to add this precious little beauty to your home and heart.

Sophie Vergara at a glance:
I am a Female Chihuahua (tan with white markings)
Age 6.5 yo
Weight 7 lb
Sheds? Yes
Exercise Needs Low
Barking Occasioanlly barks at loud noises
Housetrained? Yes
Good with:
Dogs Yes
Cats Yes
Car Rides Yes
Grooming Yes
Stairs Yes
Kids Not under 12 years old
Adoption Fee $350
Current foster location Caledon East

Don’t wait to add this precious little beauty to your home and heart. Apply for her today!