Ollie Twist - Adopted


Press Release - July 3, 2016

Ollie Twist has found his forever home!

Adopt "Ollie Twist"!

Much like his namesake, little Ollie Twist is somewhat of an orphan, and longing for an adoptive family to love him forever.   This sweet face needs a bit of extra time to feel comfortable and to get to know new people.  Ollie does need other dogs to be respectful of his space, and will let out a single bark when he wants to assert himself.  He loves to be with his human, but he also enjoys some alone-time too.  Ollie T has acclimatized to his foster home very quickly and is very well behaved.

Rather comically, Ollie will freeze like a statue if you attempt to dress him in clothes or a full harness!  We think many years of acting classes have gone into perfecting this statue-like pose!  He is very treat motivated, and will happily dance and pirouette for a beloved snack.  A habit not to be missed, Ollie likes to take some kibble from his dish, put it on the floor in another location, and THEN eat it.  He happily nudges other dogs out of the way to eat their food if he’s not being watched.

Ollie T's exercise needs are moderate and interesting – Ollie has little bursts of impressive athleticism making him a potentially good candidate for agility training.  He barks occasionally at strange noises and whimpers when he is seeking attention, but Mr. Ollie T. would be a great apartment dog.  

Ollie Twist at a glance:
I am a Male Chihuahua (tan with white markings)
Age 5 yo
Weight 10 lb
Sheds? Yes
Exercise Needs Low to Moderate
Barking Occasioanlly barks at loud noises
Housetrained? Yes
Good with:
Dogs Yes
Cats Yes
Car Rides Yes
Grooming Not a big fan of nail clipping
Stairs Yes
Kids Not under 12 years old
Adoption Fee $350
Current foster location Toronto

Ollie came to us with some concerns about his itchy skin. Since we have switched him to a good quality limited-ingredient diet, he has been doing great.