Robbie Lowe's "Happy Tail"


You probably remember little Robbie Lowe that came into BUTTONNOSES Save a Life Program a few months ago. This poor boy had to go under extensive dental surgery to get his pearly whites in shape, and when he was ready he decided to adopt his new mom Linda and his new brother Simba and go home with them.

Once adopted, our rescue dogs remain part of the BUTTONNOSES family forever. And nothing makes us happier than hearing from them every now and then and receiving photos and updates. Robbie's mom was kind enough to share this amazing Happy Tail with us. Thanks Linda for loving him, and thanks for the update. Please keep them coming :)


I wasn’t necessarily looking for another dog but when I saw Robbie’s profile I just couldn’t say no. was love at first sight. He was adorable! He was a bit shy at first but within a week it was as if we’ve known each other for ages! He is the sweetest little snuggle bunny anyone could have dreamed of. My first little Yorkie crossed the rainbow bridge and Robbie has helped make it a bit less painful with his cute little face and tiny paws...ready to curl up with me anytime. He is such a sweet little boy and I feel blessed that he honours me with his presence in my life. He may be tiny, but sure is full of personality! I’m definitely in love with this little ball of goodness.
— Linda, Robbie's forever mom