Adopt Sophie-V & Ollie-T


Meet Sophie Vergara & Ollie Twist - March 5, 2016

Please join us in welcoming this beautiful dynamic duo into our rescue. Right now, we are allowing them to settle into their foster home while we get to know them better and get them ready for adoption but in the mean time, this is what we know about them:

Sophie V is a beautiful 7 year old Chihuahua with not a single mean bone in her body. In fact, this girl is so sweet she just can't stop "smiling". She weighs about 7lbs and LOVES tummy rubs.

Ollie T is Sophie V's 5 year old son, a slightly larger Chihuahua weighing around 10 lbs, also super sweet and cuddly. He is the definition of a "lap warmer", and will not leave your side.

Stay tuned for updates and more info, and enjoy these cutie pies' photos.  

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