Adopt Simba

Meet Simba

This adorable old man was sadly abandoned in a wooded area before he was picked up and brought into a shelter. He was then transferred to BUTTONNOSES Rescue care.

Simba is a loving senior pup who takes a bit of time to get used to people, but once he does bond with his human he follows them around and never lets them out of his sight. He makes these cute funny sounds when he wants food, it will just melt your heart.

Simba enjoys walks in the park and short playtimes with humans. He is about 70% house trained, goes out to the backyard and uses pee pads inside.

Simba has a heart murmur for which he is taking medication to slow down the progression of his heart disease, but he is doing well on meds and is living a happy and comfortable life.  As any senior pup, Simba has some arthritis for which he is taking CBD oil to keep him comfortable.  He also has a luxating patella but considering his age and his heart murmur, surgery is not an option. But he seems to be coping well and not letting these health issues get in the way of enjoying his days.

Simba is looking for a relaxed and chill environment with no high energy pets or young children to retire in and live out the rest of his days in bliss and some well deserved TLC.  

Simba at a glance:
Breed / gender Pomeranian - Male
Age est. 13 yo
Weight 6 lb
Sheds? No
Exercise Needs Low
Barking No
Housetrained? Almost there
Good with:
Dogs Yes
Cats Yes
Car Rides Yes
Grooming Yes
Kids No
Adoption Fee $200
Current foster location Etobicoke

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