Marteeny - Adopted

Meet Marteeny - May 2019

Mr. Marteeny (or just Teeny for short) is the most charming little gentleman you’ll ever meet! He was obviously well loved by his first family and came into foster care through no fault of his own. He has a super relaxed personality and prefers to cruise through life at a leisurely pace. Teeny enjoys his daily strolls but is happiest when curled up by your side or in your arms.

Currently Mr. Marteeny has no obedience training and knows no commands. However, he’s a naturally polite little man and eager to please, so this is something that could be worked on in his forever home. He is also perfect on a leash, and a total joy to walk. Teeny lives with another little dog in his foster home and is doing absolutely fine with this, and he is happy to politely greet other dogs while out on walks. He isn’t overly interested in strangers but will give them a quick sniff, and he has also done well with children when they approach gently.

Marteeny was initially marking in his foster home, but this seems to have improved, and otherwise his potty habits are great. Although Marteeny would do well in some condos/apartments, he may not be the man for you if your walls are thin. He will bark loudly at noises in the apartment hallway, but settles down fairly quickly.  He also has a bit of separation anxiety and howls/cries initially when left alone, but he isn’t destructive and he soon wanders off to a napping spot to await your return.

The ideal home for Mr. Marteeny would be any person or family who can supply endless amounts of love and warm blankets. He’s a slow mover with low exercise requirements so would be perfect if you’re someone who just enjoys taking it easy. He can live with a 9-5 type schedule, but like most Chihuahuas, he wants you around as much as possible. He would be a great addition to a home with another calm dog, or one with gentle dog-savvy older kids.

Marteeny will let you know how much he loves you with his big brown eyes, and by “singing” to you as a welcome home. You’ll get daily laughs from watching him flop around in an attempt to burrow under blankets and pillows, and hop around when he knows there are treats coming his way. He’s genuinely such a sweet little soul, so please apply to give him the forever home he deserves.

Maerteeny (Teeny) at a glance:
Breed / gender Chihuahua - Male
Age 6 yo
Weight 6.8 lb
Sheds? Yes
Exercise Needs Low
Barking Yes
Housetrained? Almost there
Good with:
Dogs Yes
Cats No
Car Rides Yes
Grooming Yes
Kids Not under 12
Adoption Fee $350
Current foster location Toronto

Adopted - May 2019