Adopt Nando

Meet Nando - April 2019

Meet Hernando from San Fernando (“Nando”). If you’re looking for an adorable, perfectly behaved Chihuahua, you should probably keep looking. But, if you like a project and you’re the kind of person who sees the potential in everyone, this might be the dog for you. Little Nando is kind of a work in progress. He was found in a Toronto park in the middle of winter (likely left there to be found as no one has come forward looking for him). He showed signs of long-term neglect and had some related health issues that are now under control, including severely rotten teeth that are now shiny and clean (and a few gone)!

When he first came into the rescue, Nando was very apprehensive and it took him a long time to be comfortable in new situations. In the past few weeks, he’s really busted out of his shell. He’s got a new confidence and loves meeting people and dogs. He loves his walks and will start spinning in circles as soon as he sees a leash. He’s very easy to walk.

When Nando’s not trying to endear himself to someone with his cute weirdness, you can find him sleeping under a blanket. He likes to make himself a cave out of anything and will tunnel anywhere that looks like it might be cozy. You definitely have to watch where you sit. He’s also a total lap dog and likes to be as close to his humans as physically possible.

Nando is a bit of a fun hater when it comes to other dogs. He’s not used to them, so he can’t really distinguish play something less innocuous. He loves dogs but he would way rather be the only dog - he’s not crazy about sharing the spotlight either. Although we think another quiet and low key pup in the house might be able to peacefully coexist with him.

We don’t know much about his past except that he has had a few different owners (based on info from the last name on his microchip file). Like most chihuahuas, his dream is to forget the past and be a chill, loyal companion for the rest of his life

Nando at a glance:
Breed / gender Chihuahua - Male
Age 12 yo
Weight 7 lb
Sheds? Minimal
Exercise Needs Low
Barking No
Housetrained? Mostly
Good with:
Dogs Depends
Cats Unknown
Car Rides Yes
Grooming Yes
Kids No
Adoption Fee $250
Current foster location Toronto

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