Sherwood Forrester - Adopted


Meet Sherwood Forrester - April 2018

Ten pounds of total shih tzu personality, Sherwood Forester is an adorable, gentle little dude with a playful streak. His hobbies include sleeping, eating and acting like a goofball and he pursues them in that order. When he’s not stretched out relaxing on a pillow, Sherwood can usually be found on a window ledge protecting against imaginary invaders. He’s not a barker, but will send up a quick alarm when something’s out of order and will “talk” when he wants something - mostly attention. Sherwood loves walks and will go as far as you take him, but he’s just as happy chilling beside you on the couch.

Sherwood didn’t come to the rescue with a lot of training (he was likely kept as a breeding stud), but his housebreaking is coming along fast.

Mr. Sherwood has a grade 3 heart murmur, not unheard of for his age, and he seems to be doing totally ok without needing medication at this time. But he will need to be monitored by a vet for this condition, to ensure he continues to do well.

Basically Sherwood is a chill, happy-go-lucky little guy who can integrate really easily into any new situation. He loves every person and every dog he meets and would be happy as part of a pack or as a solo dog.

Sherwood Forrester at a glance:
Breed / gender Shih Tzu - Male
Age Est. 10 yo
Weight 10 lb
Sheds? No
Exercise Needs Low
Barking Not a barker
Housetrained? Almost
Good with:
Dogs Yes
Cats Yes
Car Rides Yes
Grooming Yes
Stairs Yes
Kids Not under 12 years old
Adoption Fee $250
Current foster location Toronto

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Adoption Announcement - April 2018

Handsome Sherwood has been adopted and we are thrilled for him and his new mom.