Meet Gizmo - January 2018

This breathtakingly gorgeous senior little man was surrendered to our rescue due to his separation anxiety and the owner's long working hours. Poor little guy just needed some attention and companionship because he has not had any separation anxiety problems since he's been in our care.

Gizmo came to us with a heart murmur and badly rotten teeth. Since he has been with us he has had a dental surgery, and an ultrasound which got him the diagnosis of mitral valve disease. Gizmo is currently on heart medication to slow the progression of his heart condition. And we are happy to report that he is doing fantastic.  

Photos by: Happy Furry Feet

Adoption Announcement - March 2018

We have the great pleasure of announcing Gizmo's adoption. He has found a wonderful forever home where he will spend the rest of his retirement days. Have a wonderful life sweet little man.