Adopt QT

Meet QT - July 2018

May we introduce you to one of the tiniest Chi’s here at BUTTONNOSES rescue. Weighing in at 3.5 lbs this sweet girl has the physique of a triathlete! Her name is QT, C-U-T-I-E and boy does this girl love to exercise! Exercising QT daily is a must. QT’s favourite pastime is being outside. This girl is full of energy and thoroughly enjoys going for brisk walks, jogs and the occasional short distance sprints. She’s not keen on stopping to meet new people and dogs on her walks as she’s mission focused and likes her time outside not to be interrupted. Keeping this girl on a leash is imperative as she does not have grasp of recall commands. Consider her a strong willed, free spirit, who beats to her own drum. She’s a squirrel chaser and bird enthusiast, always eager to say hello.

QT is definitely not one for car rides unless she’s had a great walk prior, to get rid of her excess energy. She will cry, whine, and pant the entire time she’s in the car as a result of wanting to be outside. This girl is adamant about planing her escape! Her mind is only on one thing-going for walks. She does not calm down easily when excited. Having QT strapped in a car seat or held in hand by a passenger is crucial.

Speaking of walks, taking QT outside during the winter months is tough. She has hypersensitive feet with the cold. Her tiny little toes can’t touch ice or snow. If they do, she will shriek and scream. She doesn’t like to wear anything on her feet such as socks, shoes or booties, nor is she a fan of having her feet touched. Winter walking options have been underground in the Toronto Path, Home Depot and any indoor doggie events (including BUTTONNOSES Social Club winter event). Since she is short haired and so small, QT needs to wear warm fall/winter clothes whenever she is outside in the colder months. Nail trimmings can be a bit of a challenge so we recommend she be held by one person and trimmed by another or have her nails maintained by a professional. 

QT is 4 years old and currently lives in a home with 2 other tiny chihuahuas that are similar in size and age. She absolutely adores them! Play time together is an important event every day. QT needs another tiny dog companion with similar playful energy in her forever home. Being the city slicker that she is, condo living is best suited for her. Any balcony must be safety proofed to ensure she does not fall through or escape because she is so small. This is non negotiable with her curious nature. QT barks when someone comes to the door or if she hears someone passing by in the hallway. Her barking is not incessant, making her a great apartment dog. She loves to snuggle under the covers with her humans every night and she is protective of her spot in her bed. If she is disturbed by another dog while getting her beauty sleep, she will be sure to let them know who is boss. QT is not able nor allowed to jump off the bed or couch. Be sure to have doggie stairs for the bed and couch as she will get up on her own to use the pee pee pad. She also has a routine that she gets up at night to have a drink of water, so be sure to have some next to the bed. She is pad trained but will also use outdoors from time to time.

QT is currently fed a combination of a home cooked, fresh food, raw food diet. It’s important she continue to eat this way to maintain her excellent level of health. Improper diet, lack of nutritious food and supplementation was causing QT to be very sick when she first came to her foster home, showing symptoms of Diabetes. Her holistic diet has brought her a clean bill of health and her favourite place in the home is the kitchen. FYI, this sweetheart loves her veggies! Given QT’s recent case history, along with how tiny and delicate she really is, a home which is holistically minded is a must.

QT has yet to learn the sit and stay command. Once you meet her you’ll know why. She’s quick on her feet and standing still isn’t her best attribute. Talking great pictures of her presents itself as a challenge. 

When it comes to meeting new people in and outside of her home she’s not always keen to say hello. It’s 50/50 with her. Some people she likes, others she doesn’t. Since she’s so tiny and cute, children and adults adore her. When people see her small stature they’re often quick to run towards her and want to pet her. This can sometimes lead to people not respecting her space. QT’s behaviour in vulnerable situations must be monitored and she should be protected at all times. If she’s feeling afraid, she will scream, growl, bark or even air snap if someone reaches out to pet her she’s not comfortable with. It’s best to allow QT to make her own decisions as to who she’s comfortable going up to during an introduction. This particular trait is common to the Chihuahua breed. Chihuahuas are also known to prefer the company of their humans over strangers. Someone looking to adopt this precious girl should have experience working with and/or owning a chihuahua, especially tiny dog care. QT has lots of personality and sass. This girl is gentle and sweet and did we mention comical? Just watch her prance and spin, chasing after her tail! She can be stubborn and strong willed and doesn’t like taking No for an answer. If she loves you, she will forever lick you and groom you.

We love QT and the way she lives her life! She is precious! QT deserves a forever home that has love, patience and will take her on life's adventures. 

QT at a glance:
Breed / gender Chihuahua, short hair - Female
Age 4 yo
Weight 3.5 lb
Sheds? Some (3 pounds worth)
Exercise Needs Medium/high
Barking Can get vocal at times but not a major barker
Housetrained? Yes (also uses peepads)
Good with:
Dogs Yes
Cats No
Car Rides Not a big fan
Grooming Very wiggly
Kids No (due to her fragility)
Adoption Fee $450
Current foster location Toronto