Meet Twiggy

Meet Twiggy - September 2017

Please join us in welcoming the newest addition to BUTTONNOSES foster care: Twiggy, 2.8 pounds, probably around 12yo or older.

This sweet little angel was picked up as a stray and then transferred to our rescue. She is in rough shape, practically a walking skeleton! The back legs have such awful luxating patellas, she can barely walk. She seems to be in a lot of pain so we are hoping that the pain meds are going to bring her some comfort until we figure out how to make her life easier. Right now, oodles are TLC and yummy nutritious food is in order. Stay tunes for updates, this girl has a long way to go.... 

Welcome to BUTTONNOSES, Twiggy!

Update - October 2017

Twiggy has been pampered and cherished for the last month or so. And she was finally strong enough to undergo double knee surgery to correct her luxating patellas. Thank you Dr. John and your fabulous team at Caledon Mountain Veterinary Hospital for changing this deserving little angel's life with your magical skills.

Twiggy has  8 tough weeks of recovery ahead of her, packed with daily physio rehab exercises and of course tons of good food and treats. And let's not forget spoiling her for being so brave.


Update - January 2018

Little Twiggy has recovered beautifully from her knee surgery. Her teeny weeny muscles are getting stronger everyday. And she can not only walk now, she can actually RUN! Up and down the stairs and around the house! What a difference in this little angel's quality of life!

Another recent milestone: Twiggy was strong enough to go in for her second major procedure: dental surgery. She had all her awfully rotten teeth pulled out. It was not an easy surgery, due to her tiny size and fragility of her brittle jaw. But we are happy to report that it all went well and this little sweetie pie is now free of pain from all those nasty little teeth sitting in her mouth and rotting away!

Twiggy and Blu-berry are besties now, and enjoy each other's company in their foster home together.

BUTTONNOSES Rescue relies on the generosity of donors to cover the cost of care required to keep dogs in our Forever Foster program comfortable during their remaining days. If you would like to sponsor little Twiggy and make a donation in support of her care please consider making a donation to our rescue.

Photo Credit:  Kinder Art Photography