Lucy - Adopted


Meet Lucy - Jan 2018

Lucy is one of the sweetest, most sensitive and loving chihuahuas you will ever meet! If you’re having a lazy day, she will hang out on the couch with you the whole time. If you’re stressed out she will cover every inch of exposed skin (although your nostrils will be her favourite) with kisses. If you want to play she will win every game of tug. Don’t judge her by her seemingly fragile frame and disposition, she adapts well to new people and environments. She is cautious at first as she won’t be able to see you or know where things are but she will do what she needs to do to get the lay of the land and quickly settle down and become comfortable.

Lucy joined the BUTTONNOSES foster program in August 2017. She had developed diabetes shortly before and her previous owner, being advanced in age, was unable to give her her twice daily insulin injections. Unfortunately her vision deteriorated because of her then uncontrolled high blood sugar and she has become blind. Her diabetes has since been controlled with a small injection every 12 hours and she’s feeling much more like herself again.

Lucy has faced many changes and challenges in foster care, moving to a new home with new people and new animals while rapidly losing her sight and feeling sort of crummy. She has met every challenge head on and has remained a happy, playful superstar the entire time. She will need you to be able to administer an injection (with a very small needle!) with her breakfast and her dinner every day. Don’t worry, she loves her snacks so much that if you give her insulin while she’s eating she’s none the wiser. She will also need you to be mindful on her walks as she cannot see where she is going. She learned the commands ‘up’ ‘down’ and ‘careful’ within a matter of days and will trust you to direct her when she reaches a sidewalk or stairs.

Lucy is overall dog friendly. Since her vision loss she has become more leash reactive with other dogs. We are not particularly concerned about her hurting them but we worry about another dog’s reaction to her as when she hears them she loses control, hackles up, pulling with all her might and growling. Indoors and off leash she is fine, she couldn’t care less about other dogs.  She occasionally snaps at her little foster siblings if they surprise her or step on her. She only occasionally engages in play or snuggles with them.

Lucy’s new forever home should be a place where the furniture doesn’t move and she can predict where things are. Lucy’s new forever people are much more important - please be patient with her as she learns her new surroundings and gets to know you. She deserves a gentle hand and calm environment as she is a gentle and peaceful little soul. She needs you to be light hearted - please laugh at her antics as she sings for her dinner (even better if you howl along with her). Congratulate her when she shakes the heck out of her stuffy toys. You must enjoy close contact and snuggling with a small and furry love machine. It also wouldn’t hurt if you let her lick your nose or ears every now and then.

This special little girl deserves all the best life has to offer.

Lucy at a glance:
Breed / gender Chihuahua, Short Hair - Female
Age 9 yo
Weight 7 lb
Sheds? Minimal
Exercise Needs Low (Prefers to play with toys inside)
Barking Not a major barker
Housetrained? Yes (also peepad trained)
Good with:
Dogs Yes
Cats Yes (she actually LOVES cats)
Car Rides Yes
Grooming Tolerates
Kids Not under 12yo
Adoption Fee $200
Current foster location Toronto

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Adopted - August 2018

Little Lucy waited quite some time to find her forever home but it was defintely worth all the wait. We are haooy to report that Lucy has found an amazing home and we are so happy for her and her new family.